What's a bespoke makeup class?

The goal of a bespoke makeup class is to understand your needs and desires in terms of make-up and to translate them into the products and techniques that will enhance your beauty. I’ll walk you through the application, step-by-step, and I’ll make sure you will be able to reproduce the look at home.

My experience of more than 25 years as a professional make-up artist, paired with my very good knowledge of the products available on the market, allows me to quickly grasp what you are looking for and to offer you the make-up solutions ideally adapted to your skin, your skin tone, your face shape and your lifestyle..

Where are the classes happening?

In Paris, in the Marais neighbourhood.

What happens during the makeup class?

At the beginning of the class, you tell me about yourself, your beauty wishes, but also your lifestyle. How much time do you have available to do your makeup? Do you do a lot of video conferencing at work…?

Based on this information, I suggest a look and show it to you step by step, doing your makeup on half of your face. Under my guidance you then replicate the steps on the other side of your face. Easy, you’ll see, even if you are a total beginner in the art of make up!  

Throughout the class, we talk a lot. At every step I’ll ask for your feedback and adjust my suggestions according to it. If you don’t like something there are always plenty of alternatives. Thanks to my 25 years of experience as a professional makeup artist, I have solutions to all problems! The idea is for you to look your best AND feel comfortable with your image. 

You take notes, you photograph the products, you might even want to make a video in order not to forget how to get the look. You’ll leave with all elements necessary for you to easily replicate the makeup later at home.

A little tip: Please do bring your makeup kit if you want us to assess its content together. But of course, it’s not mandatory, I have all the necessary products for the course.

What happens during a group session?

Come to see me in a group of 2 or 3, with friends, sisters, colleagues, your mother or your daughter… Everyone talks about their makeup wishes and I listen carefully before making personalized suggestions. We discuss, confirm, settle the details. 

Then let’s go for the makeup workshop! I do everyone’s make up on half of the face, you repeat the steps on the other half of your faces. On your customized pad and face chart you take notes about products, techniques, tricks. You can also take pictures and video.

And I’ll answer all your questions. When leaving you’ll be able to easily replicate the makeup that enhances your beauty!

I'm a total beginner, is your makeup class right for me?

Of course! I will  naturally take into account the fact that you are a beginner. I promise you that you will be able to accomplish my suggestions very easily to discover the most brilliant version of yourself!

Which makeup brands are you working with? Are you tied to a brand?

As an independent makeup artist, I freely choose the best products among all brands on the market. No one brand is the best with all product types. One will specialize in foundations, another in lipstick, another in mascara… I am not “married” to anyone! I put my 25 years of experience at your disposal to help you choose the best products for you, totally unbiased!

This is actually an essential point on which my makeup courses differ from those of brands like MAC, Bobbi Brown, Sephora etc., who will primarily recommend products in order to sell them to you.

Can I bring my makeup bag for a content analysis?

Absolutely! Bring your makeup bag if you want us to assess your products. Maybe you have some great products, but you don’t know how to use them? Maybe others that don’t do anything for you. Even for your favorite products, we may be able to find better application techniques…

But bringing your own makeup is an option and not at all mandatory! I have all the products we’ll need for the class.

I am mixed race/Asian/black, would a Beauty Coaching be adapted to me?

Of course! In the 25+ years I’ve been working as a professional makeup artist, backstage at runway shows and photo studios, I’ve worked with women with every skin tone on the planet, from Karen Elson’s snow white to Alek Wek’s ebony black. I have enhanced the beauty of all skin types, face and and eye shapes. All my experience and know-how are at your disposal! ☺

I am 65 years old, would a Beauty Coaching session be adapted to me?

Yes, definitely! Anti-aging makeup has been one of my specialties for several years. I have dedicated several of my blog posts to it (examples…) To me, beauty is not a question of age. 

I do a lot of specific research to find the most effective products and the best techniques in order to offer effective advice to enhance the beauty and glow of my mature clients.

My skin is extremely sensitive, I have allergic reactions. Is Beauty Coaching a good idea for me? Can it guide me towards products that work for me?

Absolutely! I will of course take into account the sensitivity of your skin. I’ll introduce products to you known for their high tolerance and I know which products or characteristics are safe and which ones you might want to avoid.

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