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I only recommend products on this website I like and find efficient. The products featured are either bought by me or sent to me by makeup brands in my function as a professional makeup artist to be used on fashion and beauty shoots. The way I receive a product has no effect whatsoever on my review. (I do not accept payment and am not sponsored for any of my reviews on this website. ??)

All recommendations I give on this website are based on my personal experience. I tested all products I recommend on myself and on my clients. However, I cannot guarantee that all products featured will be appropriate for you as skin reactions are very individual and allergies can always occur. Be sure to test products on yourself before purchasing.

Even if all content on this website is thoroughly researched, I cannot guarantee for its accuracy, completeness and it being up-to-date. While I try to update the blog on a regular basis, it may not always reflect the most current developments.

As this website’s publisher I am fully responsible for its content on our own pages, cannot however be obliged to supervise any third-party information that might be stored on our website. As soon as we receive knowledge of any unlawfulness, the respective content will be removed. 

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This website contains links to third-party websites (”external links”). I cannot be held responsible for any of the content of these websites. When checking for unlawfulness at the point of linking to these websites we have not discerned any. I cannot reasonably be expected to supervise continuously these contents without concrete grounds. If any unlawfulness comes to my knowledge, I will remove relevant links immediately.


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