Closeup of a woman wearing a youthful makeup, by Louise Wittlich

The 8 Anti-aging Makeup Products you won’t Want to Live Without

As we know, make-up can really make you look older. Too heavy, too dry, too much coverage, too much colour… For you, I have put together a compilation of my favorite anti-aging makeup products.

A foundation for a youthful and fresh face

Among all anti-aging makeup products, foundation is the most crucial. For mature skin, you need a smooth and silky texture, which doesn’t look heavy or cakey, like the Chantecaille Future Skin. It’s “soft focus” pigments blur gently and make lines less visible.

If you want to know more about foundations which work well for mature skin, which products to choose and how to apply them for best results, please have a look here.

Bright eyes with this concealer

Thanks to its super creamy texture his concealer covers up any dark rings your efficiently, without migrating into lines.
The hydrating formulation keeps the fragile area under your eyes moisturised. Available in 11 colors. Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay-in-place Flawless Wear Concealer.

Lighten up your face with this sponge technique

Moisten a soft sponge of the “Beauty Blender” type and go over your foundation (or your tinted moisturiser) with lightly dabbing movements to make it lighter and look more natural. Don’t rub or you might take off too much product and cause visible streaks.

Try an eye primer for longer lasting eye makeup

This great classic of anti-aging makeup products is key to a long lasting eye makeup. Apply the silky texture very sparingly on the bare eyelid, it will make your eyeshadow glide on and blend smoothly. Your makeup will look better and stay put, without bleeding into lines. Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion Anti-Aging.

Tired eyes? No more with a bit of taupe eyeshadow

Tired-looking, veiny eyelids? An easy and almost imperceptible fix is to cover your eyelids with a taupe coloured eye shadow. It should be rather greyish and just a tiny bit darker than your complexion to blend in perfectly.
As for the finish, satin is the most flattering, as matte eye shadow tend to look dry and shiny textures will highlight small lines. Try MAC Eyeshadow, color “Wedge”.

Lush and long lasting lashes with tube mascara

Thin, sparse and/or short lashes? Sagging eyelids, which make mascara rub off against them? Tube mascara is the answer to all these problems. When drying, this innovative texture forms mini tubes around your lashes, thereby thickening and lengthening them. The result is waterproof and long lasting and extremely durable. Eyeko Skinny Brush Mascara or Blinc Mascara Amplified.

Heavy, sagging eyelids? These crayons are the solution

Between an eye pencil and an eye shadow, this new generation of eye colour is easy to apply and blend. From just giving your eyes a bit of definition to the most sultry smokey eye, any look is possible.
But what makes them so clever is that after about a minute they’ll fix to be water and even smudgeproof. The ideal solution for everyone with sagging eyelids, which are notoriously difficult to make up. Laura Mercier Caviar Stick or Bobbi Brown Longwear Cream Shadow Stick.

Keep your lipstick neat with this invisible liner

Give your lips more definition with a lip line perfector. This invisible product will create a barrier between the lipstick and the surrounding skin thus preventing lipcolor to bleed and feather. Even the creamiest textures will stay put for hours. For example Bourjois Miraculous Contour.

By Louise Wittlich

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