Bridal Makeup Tutorial

On your big day, go for fresh and natural

The perfect bridal make-up translates into: being your best self!. Gorgeous, but still you. Radiant, but natural… Find some ideas for your bridal makeup in this tutorial.

The most important thing is to stay true to yourself! On your big day, you don’t want to experiment and risk ending up with an unflattering look. Stay true to your style, and maximise your assets. Also, always choose lighter textures over thicker formulas for a sheer complexion. Your eye makeup should bring out your eyes without claiming to much attention. You want to be remembered for your beautiful, sparkling eyes, not your super-coloured eye shadow.

Your bridal makeup, you want to forget it 😉

On this special day, there are so many things to think about. And you don’t want your makeup to be one of them! The best bridal makeup is the one you apply and then you can forget it for the rest of the day. Touching up every 5 minutes is not something you want to think about on this special day.
Therefore I strongly recommend long-lasting products and techniques, to make your makeup stay in place as long as possible.

Which bridal makeup mistake you should avoid…

A quick note re. your wedding photos… Flash light accentuates shine, so go easy on glow products and highlighters. Choose carefully where to place glow, and also where to powder. 
That is to say, a little touch of highlighter on the top of your cheeks will structure your face and bring sophistication. But you may want to powder your T-zone. And avoid any glowy shine that is applied all over your face. This includes iridescent powders. Otherwise you might look on your pictures like you’re all oily.



Foundation: Make Up For Ever, Fond de teint HD, col. 125 / Corrector: Laura Mercier, Secret Camouflage, col. SC-3  / Brush: MAC, Pinceau rond, pointu 219 / Highlighter: MAC, Lustre Drops, col. sun rush  / Brush: MAC, Pinceau pour fond de teint 190 / The powder I’m using in this video is discontinued, it can be replaced by this product: Nars Soft Velvet / Brush: MAC168


Eyeshadow: MAC, Pro Longwear Paint Pot, col. constructivist / Brush: MAC 242 / Eyeshadow:Armani, Eyes to Kill Eyeshadow Stellar, col. 5 Stellar / The fluid eyeshadow I’m using in this video is dis continued, it can be replaced by this product: Armani Eye Tint / Brush: Da Vinci, Slanted brush/ Mascara: Gemey Maybelline, Volum’Express Le Colossal, col. black 


Blush: Laura Mercier, Blush Colour Infusion, col. Watermelon / Brush: MAC129


The lipstick I’m using in this video is discontinued, it can be replaced by this product: Estee Lauder Intuitive / Brush: Sephora, lipbrush / Gloss: Dior, Dior Addict Stellar Gloss / Lipstick: Nars, Rouge à Lèvres Satiné, col. niagara / Brush: Sephora, Pinceau à lèvres / Gloss: Dior, Dior Addict Stellar Gloss


The eyebrow product I’m using in this video is discontinued, it can be replaced by this product: Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Powder Duo /
Pinceau : Shu Uemura, Pinceau biseauté 60B

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