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Foundation: How to Find Your Perfect Color

How to find the perfect foundation color, the shade that perfectly matches your skintone, seems to be one of the major beauty challenges. It’s the question I’m being asked most often in my makeup classes. And when it comes to the inventory of my clients’ makeup pouches, yes, it’s continously confirmed. Hardly anyone owns a foundation which has the right color for their skin.

But determining the perfect match is actually not such a difficult task, once you follow a few simple rules…

How to find your perfectly matching shade of foundation?

First thing is to find out about your actual skin tone, which seems an obvious thing but… On closer inspection, most faces actually don’t have just one skin tone but quite a variety of colors: pinkish cheeks, the nose and surroundings a bit reddish, a more bronzed forehead… A medium hue has to be found which will merge most invisibly with all these colors and be your perfect foundation color.

Look at the side of your face, the lower part of your cheeks between mouth and ear. This spot is where in most cases one will find the most neutral color. Dab a bit of the foundation you want to test at this spot and start spreading it. If the color is right the product should “melt” into your skin and disappear to the eye.

What’s the best light to find the right color?

This color research should absoluteley be done in the day light. Why? Because artificial light alway alters our perception of colors. Warm and cosy light makes everything look more yellow, neonlight gives colors a more greenish hue. In any case we loose subtle nuances. We just can’t see them anymore.

In other words, it is an almost impossible task to judge colors inside a store. The only safe solution is to walk out in the street. Dab a drop of the product on the back of your hand which you then hold up and compare to the “neutral spot” on your cheek. Or apply the product directly there and check with a hand mirror.
Looking a bit silly checking your face there in the street is so much worth not spending small fortunes on foundations in the wrong color… 😉

More makeup questions? Drop me a message or book a Beauty Coaching session. Looking forward to hearing from you!

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