Left: Missy Raider wamking in the Gucci show. Right Louise Wittlich's hand in the backstage of the Gucci show

My Makeup Artist Life

What am I doing when I’m not giving makeup classes? What is my daily life of a makeup artist? People keep asking me…

To give you an idea, I want to share here some of the highlights of what I have been doing within the last months.

Three models in the backstage of the Gucci show. The girl on the right is made up by Louise Wittlich, professionnal makeup artist and beauty coach.

The Gucci show in Bari

I was very excited to finally travel again for work! One extremely beautiful destination was Bari, in the South of Italy, where I went for the last Gucci show.
The show took place in Castel del Monte, a medieval castle which made for a strangely futuristic ambiance.

Our makeup work was happening in a gigantic tent nearby as we had a huge casting of more than 100 models. All ages were represented, and all skin tones, from alabaster-white to the blackest black. The casting reunited all the different types of beauty of this world.

The makeup looks were everywhere between super-natural and ultra 70’s style colorful. And as always with Gucci, it had to be perfect up to the smallest detail! Absolutely flawless skin, without the tiniest bit of visible makeup. Just what I love!
Among the models I made up, was the gorgeous Missy Rayder. Apart from being stunning she is also a super lovely person!

Left: Louise Wittlich, professional makeup artist and beauty coach in the backstage of the Jacquemus show. Right: models of the Jacquemus show, walking on white sand.
The Jacquemus show. On the left: The calm before the storm in the backstage. On the right: the show on the white sand.

Makeup artist for the Jacquemus show

Not a long time after the Gucci show I went to the South of France for Jacquemus, to work for his show and the photo and film shooting of the new collection.
The location was a saline in the middle of the Camargue. Its snow-white sand made for an amazing, other-wordly background for the models in the all-white collection.
The casting was stunning again: all types of skin tones and beauty from the palest to the darkest.

Here the makeup was all about a fresh and glowy summer look. Perfect, flawless skin, creamy bronzer and highlighter to enhance the face structure. Brushed brows and the tiniest bit of mascara. That was it. And it looked fabulous.
We made sure to apply sun protection first, as the models had to walk over white sand under a burning sun. We used Lancaster Sun Beauty SPF30 and it worked perfectly with the makeup.

Other highlights were photo and video shootings for Louis Vuitton, Cartier and Hennessy and makeup for VIP clients of Louis Vuitton, Chanel and Van Cleef & Arpels.
In Brittany I was consulting on the development of the most beautiful makeup brushes. And in Paris I gave classes at ITM makeup school, my pet subject being “perfect skin”, porcelain white, tanned or with freckles, or even with camouflaged imperfections.

Two girls in the backstage of the Jacquemus show, makeup by Louise Wittlich, professional makeup artist and beauty coach.

What I love about being a makeup artist

What I love about my job is that every day is different, no matter if I work with models, celebrities, or “normal people”. It’s never the same and it’s never boring.
The “red line” which is always there is makeup and its power.

Even after all these many years working as a makeup artist, I am still so passionate about makeup… not just the product and the art, but what it can do for you.
Working backstage or during makeup classes, I’m making women (and sometimes men 😉 see the potential in them as I as a professional makeup artist do. And thereby nor only change the way they look but also the way they feel every day.

I’m still amazed every day at how makeup can give you confidence and in turn how your confidence can literally change your life. The power of makeup!

*If you want to find out for yourself what makeup can do for you, please do contact me for a bespoke makeup class, live or via video. I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

By Louise Wittlich

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