Before and after of a natural and glowy anti-aging makeup, by Louise Wittlich professionnal makeup artist and beauty coach

Video Tutorial for a Youthful Look: Natural Anti-ageing Makeup

I made this video tutorial in order to show you step by step how to do a super natural anti-ageing makeup for mature skin. (Because sometimes it’s easier to show and watch gestures, rather than describe and understand them in words. 😉
It’s in French but I added subtitles in English, so you won’t miss a word!

The look in this video is everything I like in make-up: natural, glowy and very youthful.
Because at 45+, we still feel young, alive and active, and we want to look the part 😉

This makeup look is perfectly suited to mature skin. But it’s good to know that it also works great on younger skin, especially if prone to dryness or blemishes.

The look is deliberately minimalistic, as far as the product list is concerned. It’s also very simple to do. With a bit of training, you will be able to do the full look in less than12 minutes, promised! You’ll be able to easily make it part of your morning routine.

My step-by-step tutorial for a glowy, fresh and natural makeup

You don’t need a ton of products for a beautiful natural anti-ageing makeup

On purpose, I don’t use a whole lot of products in this video. Because a beautiful make-up is not a question of quantity, but of the quality of the products you use. And that the products are best suited to your skin type, skin tone etc.
For this natural anti-ageing make-up for mature skin, I use very moisturising products for a subtle glow and a fresh feeling throughout the day.

Moisturizing skin is key

Prepping and hydrating your skin is the key to any beautiful makeup. And this applies even more to mature skin as dry skin looks more lined and wrinkly than hydrated skin.
This is why I start my makeup in this video with the CE Ferulic Acid Serum from Skinceuticals. Followed by the Hyalu B5 Cream from La Roche-Posay, which I massage into the skin of Sybille, my beautiful model.

We want our skin to look smooth and even, but also transparent and luminous. A heavy layer of foundation will have an immediate ageing effect!

A smooth anti-ageing complexion

In order to optically smoothen Sybille’s skin, I apply a small amount of Laura Mercier’s Foundation Primer (Pure Canvas Primer Blurring). It’s really important to use very little, about half a pea. Otherwise the foundation won’t come on as smoothly.

The foundation I use in this video is still a secret, which I can’t reveal just yet. 😉 But I will soon tell you more, I promise!
In the meantime you can use MAC’s Face & Body Foundation which will give you also a sheer and glowy finish and will leave your skin looking like skin.
If you want to know more about the best anti-aging foundations for mature skin, please find my blog post here.

The delicate under-eye area

For the under-eye area of Sibylle, I use one of my favorite concealers, Chanel’s Correcteur Longue Tenue. It efficiently minimizes dark circles without migrating and settling in lines.

Again it’s paramount to only use the strictly necessary amount of product, which is really very little. Probably much less than you thought. If you use too much concealer there’s no way to avoid it building up.
That’s why I use a pointy brush for concealer and not the applicator which will alway apply too much.
For more information on the best anti-ageing concealers have a look at my recent article here.

I powder Sybille’s skin lightly, but just where necessary: the center of the face and the forehead. One of my current favorite powders is Nars’ Light Reflecting Setting Powder. It’s completely colorless and invisible on the skin.

Bringing out your eyes

For a very natural makeup I like to bring out the eyes by intensifying the shadow around them with a soft brown pencil. Victoria Beckham’s Satin Kajal Liner in Cocoa glides smoothly over the skin. I then blend it with a brush to completely melt it into the skin.

Mascara is the next step, it will make the eyes look even more intense. Maybelline’s Classic Volum’ Express is easy to apply and gives your lashes nice volume without looking heavy.

Finally, the eyebrows, which I brush up- and outwards with MAC’s Brow Set, a transparent brow gel.

Healthy-looking, flushed cheeks

When doing very natural makeup looks I like to use cream blush. Laura Mercier’s Tinted Moisturizer Blush adds just enough color to make the cheeks look lightly flushed, and not like having applied blush.
For warmer complexions Fenty Beauty’s Cheeks Out Cream Blush works really well and it’s really easy to apply.

Naturally rosy lips

For a natural anti-ageing makeup, a colored lip balm will often completely do the trick. The one I use in this video is Lancôme’s Mademoiselle Balm, because it enhances ever so lightly Sybille’s natural lip color, without looking like makeup.

For those of you who like to wear real lipstick, I show you this alternative lip: Charlotty Tilbury Superstar Lips, col. Pillow Talk. It’s quite transparent and glossy in a delicate nude color.
Lip liner gives a bit more definition, I use Maybelline’s Shaping Lip Liner, col. Dusty Rose.

That’s all! It’s really not that difficult 😉

If you have any questions, please get in touch as I’m always happy to hear from you!
Or, even better, come and see me for a personnalized makeup class, in “real life” or via video.

Two women, on the left Louise Wittlich, makeup artist and beauty coach with her model Sibylle on the right, at the end of her video tutorial on how to do a natural anti-aging makeup.
Glowy and youthful, my model Sybille and I at the end of our video tutorial.

The products I have used in this video:

Skinceuticals, Sérum CE Ferulic Acid
La Roche-Posay, Crème Hyalu B5
Laura Mercier, Foundation Primer (Pure Canvas Primer Blurring)
Secret foundation (soon I’ll tell you more about it 😉)
Alternatively: MAC, Face&Body Foundation, col. N3
Chanel, Le Correcteur, col. B30
Nars, Light Reflecting Setting Powder, col. Crystal

And for the anti-aging eye makeup:

Victoria Beckham, Satin Kajal Liner, col. Cocoa
Maybelline, Classic Volum’ Express, col. noir
MAC, Brow Set, transparent
Laura Mercier, Tinted Moisturizer Blush, col. Provence
Fenty Beauty, Cheeks Out Cream Blush, col. 02 Butta Biscuit
Lancôme, Mademoiselle Balm, col. 008 Rougis-Moi * * Discontinued at the moment, but you can use this product instead: Lancôme, L’absolu Mademoiselle Shine, col. 322, Shine Bright

Model: Sibylle Kleber
Production: Lechat Production Audiovisuelle

By Louise Wittlich
(Makeup on the model in the photo: Louise Wittlich)

*All the models on the pictures of my blog are made up by me, unless otherwise stated.

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