Professional makeup artist Louise Wittlich doing an anti-aging makeup a mature model

Anti-aging Skin Makeup: my pro Secrets for Flawless, Youthful Skin

Flaw- and ageless skin

“Is it really possible to look fresher and younger through makeup?” This is a question people ask me all the time. So here my thoughts to youthful anti-aging skin makeup.

When it comes to anti-aging skin makeup, the first thing to do is actually to let go of makeup. It’s the too much makeup, and of course the wrong products, which will add years rather than make you look younger.

Heavy foundation, dry concealer textures, dull colors, iridescent colors, all these products should be thrown out of your makeup bag. What you should be aiming for is a very precise and minimalist approach, using lightweight and efficient products.

Foundation, light as a feather

When it comes to foundation, lightweight is what you should be looking for. Smoothening and blurring, thereby hiding widened pores and small wrinkles. Avoid heavy or dry textures, which will look like a mask.
There are new, high-tech textures, which will give light coverage without looking heavy. Among my favorites: Chantecaille Future Skin, La Prairie Skin Caviar (pricey but worth the investment). Also, the great classic MAC Face&Body Foundation which smoothens and softens and is also hydrating.

Having tracked down the right texture, you still need to find the perfect color for your anit-aging skin makeup. Here my advice on how to go about it…

These fluid textures are best applied using your fingers, thereby warming up the product to buff it even more invisibly. You start application in the center of your face (nose and surroundings), to then spread the product towards the sides, for a super soft and subtle finish.

Masking your imperfections without creating a “mask effect”

The above-mentioned lightweight foundations might not cover all age and other spots and imperfections. Laura Mercier’s Secret Camouflage will hide them effectively, in Photoshop style. It’s super fine texture makes this star product almost undetectable. and a perfect ally in your anti-aging skin makeup.

Lighten up your under eye area

Almost every woman worries about dark circles under her eyes. Above 30-35 years you have to be even more picky in your choice of concealer, as so many of them are quite dry and may create a “wrinkled” effect. Others will run and settle in the little folds around the eyes, making them stand out even more.
One of my favorite under eye correctors, the Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer, combines a super fine texture with an astonishing capacity to cover. Plus, il exists in 30 colors!
Apply this product very precisely and in tiny amounts, to not make it settle in fine lines and show.

And what about anti-aging eye makeup?

Which are the most flattering colors and most lightweight textures, the best techniques for a long lasting look? More advice, tips and tricks here, in my article on mature eye makeup.

And finally, some makeup mistakes you should avoid…

Sad and torn features, dry skin, wrinkly lips… sometimes makeup can do more harm than good. Here my list of the most common mature makeup mistakes, and how to avoid them.

Or, better still, come and see me for a Beauty Coaching, a customized makeup class. We’ll find the products and techniques best suited for you and your style and answer all your beauty questions. I’ll be happy to meet you!

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