Closeup of a young woman wearing a very sexy smokey eye makeup, by makeup artist Louise Wittlich

The Most Seductive Evening Makeup: Tips and Tricks…

Your beautiful eyes in an ultra sexy version? A truly bewitching, seductive make-up?
Here’s how to get the look: A smokey eye in an intense, midnight-blue version!

The fatal weapon for a super seductive make-up: your eyes!

The professional technique (but easy to do, I promise!) is to first contour the eye with a pencil. On the mobile eyelid you then apply a silky eyeshadow, blended outwards and upwards, into a cat eye shape.

Apply another layer, this time of with shimmery, glittery eyeshadow and blend again… blend a lot for a chic, glamorous makeup, or less smoothly for a more rock’n roll look.

What colour to pick, apart from the classic black? Try an “almost black” with a deep green shimmer, or a velvety aubergine or a deep midnight blue… For example Nars Soft Touch Shadow Pencil, in Dark Rite, Laura Mercier’s Caviar Stick Eye Color, in Plum, or MAC’s Smolder pencil.

Radiant, glowy skin

Sexy skin looks like it wants to be touched. So no overworked complexion! We want glowy, luminous skin. Nude* skin, with just the slightest touch of foundation to smoothen the complexion. Enhanced with silky highlighters for subtle candlelight radiance. In a soft champagne colour for very pale skin, golden for warmer skin tones, and copper for very deep skin tones.
We apply the highlighter on the top of the cheeks, the inner corner of the eye and on the arch of your upper lip.
I prefer creamy textures to powdery ones, among my favourite ones are: MAC’s Strobe Cream, and Nars’ The Multiple stick.

*Here are my tips for finding your perfect shade of foundation 😉

Lips which want to be kissed

Whatever your favourite colour, the most important thing is to choose a lip colour that you don’t have to keep touching up, that you can “forget”.
There are lots of new long-wearing, super-pigmented formulas that will stay put without drying out your lips. The most flattering shades: A nude with a hint of pink or a very slight shimmer. Or a deep matte red (if your lips are not too thin). I often use Sephora’s Rouge Velouté sans Transfert or Nars’ Velvet Matte Lip Pencil.


Foundation: YSL Encre de peau, BR30 / Eyeshadow pencil: Nars Soft Touch Shadow Pencil, Dark Rite / Eyeshadow: Nars Dual Intensity Eyeshadow, Giove / Mascara: YSL Mascara effet faux cils, noir / Eyebrows: MAC Crayon pour les yeux, Coffee / Highlighter: Lancôme La Base Hydra Glow / Lip pencil: By Terry Crayon lèvres, 5 Baby Bare / Lipstick: Tom Ford Lip Color Shine, Frolic / Blush: Nars Blush, Almeria / Powder: Guerlain Poudre Les Voilettes, 03 medium

The little extra thing: false eyelashes

To make your eyes even more intense, use false eyelashes.

Line the band of your false eyelashes evenly with eyelash glue, blow on them for 30 seconds to speed up the drying process. Then you gently place them just above your natural lashes and hold them in place for 15 seconds. Once the glue has dried, you can apply a little mascara, but often it’s not even necessary.

A little tip to avoid an overloaded look: Go for individual lashes. Or, easier to master, cut your lash strip into small pieces and glue 3-4 of the pieces only to the outer half of your eyelid.

Smokey eyes in all variations…

Want to try some other smokey eye styles? Check out this tutorial for an extra long-lasting smokey (and super easy to apply, I promise!) or this one for a super quick version.

For mor specific makeup questions, please drop me a line. Or book a Beauty Coaching session! I’m looking forward to hearing from you. 🙂

By Louise Wittlich
(Makeup on the model in the picture by Louise Wittlich)

*All models’s on all pictures of this blog are made up by me, unless otherwise stated.

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