two images of a young woman, smiling and winking, wearing a glowy, fresh makeup. By Louise Wittlich

Cheap Makeup, Can it be any Good? Yes! Here are my Favorites

Can cheap makeup products be efficient? Some can! Being a makeup artist means also being constantly on the lookout for the best products. Trendy colours, ultra light textures, sophisticated effects, or longer lasting, you name it. And they come at a cost… Happily, here and there I find real gems with a very affordable pricetag!

Kiko Eyeshadow

Super rich and highly pigmented, these silky textured eyeshadows are so easy to apply and to blend. The look is classy and long lasting, and their price at 2,50€ absolutely unbeatable! Backstage secret: We even use them at the fashion shows… 😉 One of my current favorite colors: 06 Metallic Wengé Brown, 2,50€, at Kiko stores or online.

Classic Volum’ Express Mascara by Maybelline

I keep speaking about this mascara, because it is really one of my all-time favorites. Like for example in this article on my preferred mascaras and their best application techniques. Not too thick and not too fluid, it makes your lashes look full and long, but won’t be weighing them down. To be found at French supermarkets for around 11€. On the internet (or in Germany, if you happen to travel there) they only cost around 4-5€. You want to know more about mascara? The ways to apply it? Here’s my dedicated post.

Sephora Color Enhancing Lip Balm

High-end brands like Dior were the first to sell this “self-coloring” type of lip balm. At first look almost transparent, it takes on a fresh pink colour after a few seconds, making you look like you just had a brisk walk in fresh air. Several other brands followed Quickly. This inexpensive version, a color enhancing lip balm from Sephora comes without unnecessary glitter and leaves lips deliciously soft. 12,99€

Cheap makeup products can also be found at the pharmacy: Homéoplasmine Cream

A makeup artist staple, this highly affordable balm will, soften and smoothen even the driest lips. Additional benefit: it doesn’t shine, can therefore also be used by men. In French pharmacies, from 3,50€ or online.

Bourjois Velvet Lipstick

Extra highly pigmented, rich and silky textures, these lipsticks glide on easily and stay put for almost forever. I just love the deep reds and burgundys. My absolute favorite is the no. 08, Rubi’s cute, 13,99€.

Zoeva Eyeshadow Palette

For merely 23€ you get a palette of 10 eyeshadows, in rich shades of caramel with warm and golden reflections. The soft and smooth texture is super easy to apply and blend seamlessly. Who could ask for more?

Hema colored lip balm

A smoothening lip balm in a soft pink, for this slight hint of color which gives you instantly a fresh glow. The perfect no-makep makeup. I love the color no. 2 and it’s super affordable price tag of 4,75€. At Hema stores. Apprently they are already sold out online. By Louise Wittlich (Makeup on the model in the picture by Louise Wittlich) *All models’s on all pictures of this blog are made up by me, unless otherwise stated.
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