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Find Your Perfect Mascara

Lashes which are long, defined, elegantly curled, without clumps, make you look better whatever your style of makeup. Which one to pick, between straight and curved brushes, molded or with fibers, thickening and lengthening textures, water- or smudgeproof? How to identify your personal perfect mascara?

The perfect mascara is your best beauty ally.

To make your life a bit easier, here’s a short list of my favorite mascaras and why I like them.

The easiest-to-use mascara

Maybelline Classic Volume Express, a staple and the perfect mascara for almost everyone. The texture is neither too thick nor too thin and makes it easy to achieve just the right amount of volume. The medium size fiber brush allows for a smooth and clump free application, also in the hard to reach corners of the eyes. You can create any look and any style, from natural to smoldering. This mascara is therefore also the professional makeup artists’s best friend.
A non-neglectable bonus is it’s super affordable price tag: around 11€ in (French) supermarkets. Online you can find it as cheap as 4,50€.

The most luxurious mascara

Lancôme Hypnose, the most elegant. Its soft and silky texture coats each lash smoothly, lengthening your lashes and intensifying your eyes. Its conic-shape brush makes it a child’s play to apply the product even in the notoriously difficult to reach corners of the eye.

The extra-longlasting mascara

Clinique Lash Power. Extra-thin brush and feather light texture, this mascara is your friend when you have short lashes and allows for a super precise application. The perfect solution for lovers of a very natural style. But it biggest trump is its longevity and its resistance to humidity. Rain, sports, even tears (of joy, hopefully ;-)… this mascara won’t budge, up to 24 hours, for these extra-long days. Sensitive eyes will like the fact that it comes off using just some hot water without any additional product.

The most resistant mascara

Blinc tube mascara. Tube mascaras are truly innovative formulations which are completely different from classic mascaras. They are based on flexible 3D polymers which coat each lash individually in thin tubes. Even the shortest and finest lashes are amplified and extended, all without smudging and smearing.
If your mascara always ends up being “printed” on your eyelid, (especially a problem with Asian eye shapes or mature eyelids, this mascara is your solution!

Tube mascaras are extremely long lasting and truly waterproof (even going swimming is possible).
One thing though is important to know: there’s no retouching possible. Once applied and dried, better don’t touch your lashes anymore to avoid the little tubes sliding off.
To remove tube mascara, glide over your eyes with cotton buds moistened with eye makeup remover or just hot water.

And how do I best apply my mascara?

Your application technique must be adapted to the texture of your mascara.

Personally I prefer more fluid and lighter textures to thicker and heavier ones because I find them easier to “control”.
Usually I start applying at the roots, thickening them with a wiggling movement, “pushing” the product around and between the lash bases. Then I glide with the brush over the entire lengths of the lashes to coat them smoothly without overloading them. The dose will determine the result, from all natural to smoldering intensity.

If the texture of your favorite mascara is thicker keep your application lighter. No wiggling or zigzagging as this will cause clumps. Just sweep lightly over your lashes from the roots to the ends.

In all cases brushing your lashes with a spoolie brush just after having applied your mascara can save your day. You’ll separate stuck together lashes and remove clumps.

Bonus: the expert tip for oversize lashes

First slather on regular volume mascara, in several coats, paying extra attention to your lashes’ roots. Then as a “finishing coat” apply some tube mascara which will set your lash makeup and make it super resistant.

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