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Dry lips? Here’s my Professionnal Makeup Artist’s Rescue Program

In winter our lips are often dry and chapped. Lips are particularly fragile because, contrary to our skin, they can’t produce protective oils. It’s the cold  and the dry heat of radiators and the constant change between them which dries them.

Hence the need of a repairing and nourishing lip care program. Here are the steps I take when my model for a shoot walks in with dry and chapped lips.

Cleansing dry lips with a gentle milk

I start my lip recovery program with a drop of Dermalogica Skin Resurfacing Cleanser. I apply a drop and massage it for about 5 minutes in small circular movements. Then I remove it with moistened cotton pads, leaving lips restored, soft and smooth.

A gentle scrub

Kiko’s scrub wipes are not (only) meant for lips but they do wonders. On Fashion shows all models will categorically get their lips treated with them by us makeup artists.

The how-to goes as follows: I tear the wipes into strips as I don’t need the entire wipe. Wrapping the strip tightly around my finger (scrubby side out of course) I rub all the dry and chapped areas until all bits of dry skin have come off.

An additional benefit is that the rubbing stimulates the circulation and gives the lips a fresh rosy colour.
Cleaned and scrubbed, the lips are now ready for lip balm.

Why lip balms are nor all the same

Not all lip balms aren’t equally good. Quite a few of them actually worsen dryness like Labello. After a brief moment of relief you feel the need to reapply. Or, like Carmex, they contain menthol or campher which are supposed to be “cooling” but rather sting and ultimately dry out the sensitive skin of the lips.

My favorite lip balms for dry lips

A staple in professional makeup artist’s kits is MAC’s lip conditioner. Karité butter, avocado oil and vitamins A and E help repairing the most chapped lips.

Vitamins, almond oil and aloe vera make Kiehl’s Lip Balm #1 an all time favorite among models. The texture is non-sticky, super smooth and smoothening. A great classic.

A moment of luxury for your lips: Chanel’s Hydra Beauty Balm nourishes and feels super pleasant. The very chic container makes a nice object to carry in your bag and be pulled out all day long.

Glamorously glossy, but also richly moisturizing is the iconic Eight-hour cream von Elizabeth Arden. (Makeup expert tip: It can also be used as a clear highlighter on top of your cheekbones 😉

Makeup artists in Paris love Homéoplasmine. Silky smooth, softening, in-depth hydrating and very affordable.
Great beauty products don’t have to come with a hefty price tag.

A bit of colour: tinted lip balms

Tinted lip balm is the perfect compromise between colour and care. If you feel you look a bit washed out a colored balm will give you just the hint of colour you need to look fresh and put together.

The most luxurious among my favorite colored lip balms is Dior’s Addict Lip Glow, in pink, for a lightly glossy, fresh effect.

Clinique provide the greatest choice of colors with their Chubby Stick. I love the nude “Bountiful Blush”, which will give just the tiny touch of colour to male you look glowy and healthy without showing as makeup product.

A must-have that a dear customer reminded me of is the Burt’s Bees colour balm. There are seven lovely shades available, my favourites being “Rose” and “Hibiscus” for their freshness.

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*All models featured on the pictures in my blog are made up by me, unless otherwise stated.

By Louise Wittlich.

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