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6 Makeup Tips for the Most Luminous Summer Glow

Golden skin like from the beach, a fresh complexion like from outdoor activities, bright eyes and an all-natural beauty, here’s how to make your summer makeup as glowy and luminous as possible.

Makeup tip no. 1: Skip foundation for summer glow

Sun-kissed skin looks more even and glowy and needs less coverage. But our regular foundation shade is now probably too light anyway. Therefore, instead of investing into a darker shade, try skipping foundation altogether. If you feel you must, just dab on a bit of concealer onto blemishes or in your under-eye area.

An alternative to foundation could also be a bit of transparent mattifying gel, like for example Shine Control from Make Up For Ever.
That’s what I like on my own skin in summer. I apply it on my nose and forehead for a smoother and more even look. Cheeks I leave bare for their natural glow.

Tip no. 2: Do contour ever so lightly

My clients know that I’m not a great fan of contouring which I find oftentimes looks harsh and sometimes even vulgar. But to every rule there are exceptions, and an end of summer look is one. I like to accentuate bronzed cheeks by stroking a matte contouring powder just under the cheekbone. You’ll find the right positioning by sucking in your cheeks. Apply your product into the upper half of the hollow. Easy! 😉

My makeup artist’s tips: I only use matte textures, meaning without glitter or sparkle, because they give a more natural look.
Also, beware of shades that are too brick or orange, which can look dull.
Good colors are provided by Anastasia’s Contour Kit.

Tip no. 3: Go for the glow!

If ever there’s a moment to really go for radiance and (controlled) shine, it’s now. Glowy highlights enhance beautifully bronzed and summer fresh skin.
For a natural and chic look I prefer smooth creamy textures without any too visible sparkle, like the Cream Color Base from MAC. I spread a bit of the product first over the back of my hand to obtain the sheerest veil. From there I dab and smoothen it over the top of the cheekbones and blend it carefully.

Tip no. 4: Warm up your blush

Bronzed summer skin doesn’t need a lot of blush. A soft touch on top of your cheeks will be enough.
Do pick a warm peachy color which will blend better into lightly tanned skin than a cool pink. Bourjois always has nice hues, for example the 74 Rose Ambre.

You might also try a creamy texture which will look more natural than a powder blush. For example Nars’ Le Multiple in Maui.

Tip no. 5: Try golden and bronze eyes

For me, the perfect match for sun-kissed skin are bronze and golden colors, in silky, creamy textures.

For its subtle bronze glimmer an all-time favorite of mine is the Caviar Stick Eye Colour by Laura Mercier in Khaki. It glides on smoothly and blends perfectly even.

Why not try a bronze smokey to bring out your eyes? Watch me applying rich golden brown eyeshadows, blush and lips and give many more makeup application tips for luminous summer glow in this video tutorial which I made a little while ago.

Hope these makeup tips will get you your luminous summer glow!

For more specific questions or personnalized advice, please contact me or book a makeup class.

Looking forward! 🙂

*All models featured on the pictures in my blog are made up by me, unless otherwise stated.

By Louise Wittlich

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