Closeup on an eye made up with an eye pencil, by professional makeup artist Louise Wittlich

Eye Pencils – Why They are my Favorite Makeup Product

I am often asked what my favourite products are. Whether it’s for makeup classes, or VIP makeup, the ones I pull out of my case most often, and which are the most versatile in its application options, are without doubt  eye pencils.

A simple, unpretentious and comparatively inexpensive product, it allows for a multitude of effects. Especially when I’m looking for softness and lightness, it’s my go-to, for its almost invisible texture.

Your perfect ally for anti-aging makeup

Its light weight makes it a must for anti-ageing make-up, in all “natural” shades, from beige, grey, taupe, brown to black for very dark skin tones. Draw along the eyelid, without pressing too hard, or even outline the eyes with small, diffuse dots. Then blend with a brush along the lashes to intensify the look in a very discreet way.

My absolute favourite is from MAC and it’s called Coffee: perfect brown colour, looks good on literally everyone, soft and smooth texture. I always have a small stock of it at home.

Which are the best eye pencils?

Sophisticated colours and long-lasting formulas can be found at Laura Mercier and Bobbi Brown.

Armani’s pencils are known among professional make-up artists for their high pigmentation and rich, supple texture. A great classic: the Lancôme kohl pencil, the colour “brun” brings out all eye colours.
Beware of pencils marked “waterproof”, these formulas often do not allow blending. 

Intrigued? You may want to have a look at this smokey eyes tutorial, using mostly eye pencils.

By Louise Wittlich

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