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Eyebrow Makeup: My Best Makeup Artist’s Tricks

Eyebrows continue being in the spotlight… And, as with all fashions, we need to know how to make them work for us. This is why I put together some tips for the best eyebrow makeup.

I see a lot of women sporting very unflattering eyebrows. However, there are makeup solutions for all types of eyebrows, thin or thick, sparse or heavy.
Here are my best 3 tricks for naturally beautiful eyebrows.

It’s still all in the brow…

During my makeup classes I realize to which degree women feel lost when it comes to finding the right eyebrow products and techniques.
Eyebrows which are too visibly drawn, in a unnatural style or shape, can make you look tired or harsh.

My professional makeup artist’s tips will help you to define your eyebrows and thereby structure your face without hardening it, for a natural, balanced look.

Secret n°1: Fill in and even out your eyebrows with an eyebrow compact

Which product and which color?

Personally I’m not a great fan of eyebrow pencils. I find them often too heavy and therefore too visible. In my opinion the lighter texture of eyebrow powders, like the ones from Anastasia Beverly Hills result in a smoother, more natural look.

For the best, most “invisible” result, pick a tone between the color of your eyebrow hairs and the skin underneith. Most probably this will turn out a much lighter color than what you thought!
Go for taupes, rather turning a bit greenish than reddish, they tend to look the most natural.
Blondes who have often a hard time finding a suitable color should have a look at Benefit’s Foolproof Brow Powder, the color no.1 is a real blonde.

How to apply your eyebrow makeup?

First, brush the eyebrows upwards. Using a fine, beveled brush, fill in the gaps and slightly correct the shape if necessary. For a clean result, be careful not to overload the brush.

The expert’s touch for super full Boy Brows

For perfectionists, or those obsessed with “boy brows”, you can use the powder blush technique as a base, then add false hairs by drawing them in with a very sharp felt-tip pen (available from MAC for example). Then blend very lightly. To choose the right shade, remember that a lighter colour looks more natural!

Secret n°2: Shaping with clear eyebrow gel

Which gel to use?

Shaping your eyebrows with a clear gel works very well for almost all types of eyebrows, but especially for those that are very full. The clear gel allows you to “style” them and give them a perfect natural looking shape. I’m only talking about the transparent eyebrow gel because I don’t really like coloured gels. They give a much too heavy effect: they thicken where there are already hairs and therefore amplify the irregularities of the eyebrows.

How should it be applied?

With the applicator fully loaded with product, brush the eyebrow hairs upwards and outwards. Your eyebrows are in place, in the shape you like. Once dry, they will not move 🙂 (To be found for example at Anastasia Beverly Hills).

Pro tips for mature eyebrows

With age, eyebrows become grey or white, and sometimes sparse. In this case, the thickening effect of coloured gels is used to give the hairs some colour and “body”. To apply it, start with the powder blush step to redefine the shape of the eyebrows, then apply the coloured gel or the “eyebrow mascara” in a rather light colour for a better result. At Benefit you can find a range of beautiful natural colours.

Secret n°3: Get super glossy eyebrows for a smart party look

Got an event coming up? Why not adopt the super shiny eyebrows? It’s a trend we’ve seen (and done 😉 quite a bit on the last few shows! Here’s my little tip to achieve this fun look. With a small brush, simply apply transparent lip gloss (for example MAC Lipglass) on your eyebrows, then brush them to shape them with an eyebrow brush. Be careful not to go beyond your eyebrow line, otherwise be sure to clean the skin around it with a cotton swab. The result is amazing! Last tip: your hairstyle must be compatible with your make-up, so make sure your hair doesn’t stick to your glossy eyebrows 😉

For personalized makeup advice, don’t hesitate to contact me!

*All models featured on the pictures in my blog are made up by me, unless otherwise stated.

By Louise Wittlich

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