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The Best Anti-Aging Skincare: My Evening Routine

People always ask me for skincare recommendations, especially for anti-aging. That’s why I created this video to show the essential steps for cleansing and hydrating the skin.

It’s true, skincare and especially hydration are crucial!
As a professional makeup artist, I often explain that makeup pigments cling to dry skin, highlighting its dryness even more. Dehydrated skin can also make blending products like eyeliner or eyeshadow very difficult.
My skincare routine is simple because I value simplicity and effectiveness in everything I do. 😉

The video intentionnally starts with makeup that looks quite a bit worn.
First, I demonstrate makeup removal using micellar water and cotton pads.

We remove all the makeup with micellar water

Be it at work, whether backstage, with my makeup coaching clients, or in my private life, micellar water is the most effective and least irritating way to remove all makeup. My favorite is Bioderma’s Créaline.
With this, I remove everything, including eye makeup, except for waterproof products. For waterproof mascara and some eyeliners, you need a bi-phase makeup remover like Maybelline’s Cils Demasq.
Since this product is quite oily, I like to go over the skin again with my micellar water.

Using the right techniques 😉

Proper techniques for makeup removal are very important. Many people rub their eyes too much. I recommend avoiding any rubbing and instead placing the soaked cotton pad on the eye and letting the micellar water work. It needs a few moments to take effect. Then I gently wipe from top to bottom.
It’s especially important to clean under the lashes. You do this by looking down and moving the cotton pad from the edge of the eyelid to the tips of the lashes.
Finally, clean under the eye, again without rubbing.

Refresh the skin with a cleansing cream

For a deep clean, I then use a cleansing cream. Besides Dermalogica’s Skin Resurfacing Cleanser, which I show in the video, I also love SkinCeuticals Gentle Cleanser. These products do not dry out the skin and leave it fresh and plump.

Rehydrate thoroughly with a tonic

I always apply a tonic after cleansing. This fluid provides the skin with maximum hydration instantly.
Application is easy: a few drops in the palm of your hand, and pat it all over your face. One of my favorites is Shiseido’s Eudermine Revitalizing Essence.

Boost hydration with a serum

Next comes my favorite step, the serum! I love serums with powerful active ingredients.
The one I use in this video, Lancôme’s Rénergie H.C.F. Triple Serum, combines three actives, creating a powerful cocktail. The result: beautifully smooth, soft, and silky skin.
I also really like Paula’s Choice serums, such as the niacinamide serum, which smooths skin texture and tightens pores.

Finish your anti-aging skincare routine with a cream

Finally, you need to lock in the moisture in your skin. Think of it as “sealing” the moisture inside your skin to keep it supple and elastic.
To do this, apply a cream as the final step of your routine—it’s essential.
Besides Shiseido’s Bio-Performance Super Revitalizing Cream that I use in the video, I also love Dior’s Capture cream.
These creams are very powerful but can be pricey. A more affordable option is Caudalie’s Night Infusion Cream, which contains resveratrol, a very effective anti-aging ingredient.

This seems like a lot? Think of anti-aging skincare as an investment! You only have one skin, and you want it to stay beautiful and youthful for as long as possible 😉

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The products I used in this video:

By Louise Wittlich

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