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Anti-aging Concealer: The Best Products for Mature Skin

Being a 50-year-old woman today doesn’t mean we feel old! (And I am myself a member of this club ;-)). We feel young, alive and active and we want to look the part!
Of course, there are small wrinkles and lines, they’re signs of much laughter and a rich life. But nevertheless, we for sure don’t want them to be highlighted by our makeup. We are in need of the perfect anti-aging concealer!

And this is where things become difficult. Here’s the challenge: we want concealers which cover efficiently undereye circles, small blemishes and age spots. But at the same time we want them to be as “invisible” as possible, and for sure not settle into fine lines or look dry and cakey. Not an easy find. Many products make skin look dry and lines more visible.

But I spend a lot of time researching and testing and here’s the result: My current “best of”-list of concealers which work well on mature skin. They will all cover dark circles and brighten up your undereye area, stay put without settling into fine lines. And, very important for mature skin: these concealers are all hydrating and comfortable to wear over many hours.

The creamiest anti-aging concealer

Number one on my list is Nars’ Creamy Radiant Concealer. The name says it all: the texture is super creamy and moisturizing. It glides on and blends effortlessly and stays put without feathering into small lines. The coverage is great and the color palette one of the biggest on the market: 30 shades, from ivory to ebony.

The best for warm skin tones

Laura Mercier is one of my go-to brands when it comes to complexion products. They have several excellent concealers, in different textures and levels of coverage. I like the Flawless Fusion Ultra-Longwear Concealer, especially for warmer skintones. The slightly peachy colors and a bit thicker texture neutralize very efficiently also quite pronounced dark undereye circles.

The most long-lasting concealer

Another great concealer for mature skin is Estee Lauder’s Doublewear Stay-in-place Flawless Concealer. It keeps the promise of its name and stays in place for a long time.
With many new colors added recently the range now comprises 22 shades. I love the light ones which I find blend particularly well into fair skin.

The most lightweight anti-aging concealer

Le Correcteur de Chanel is another favorite of mine. It’s a bit more lightweight and I like to use it with clients who have fine and rather dry skin and whose undereye circles aren’t too dark. Its texture is practically invisible.

My favorite anti-aging concealer for high coverage

When I feel I need very high coverage I turn to Tarte. For mature skin Tarte’s Creaseless Concealer will work best, as the brand’s other concealers will get me a too dry result. Very small amounts will be enough to work redness and even very dark circles and provide a fresh and bright undereye area.

The right application technique

As important as the right product is the right application technique.
The most important rule: Less is more! Especially when it comes to anti-aging makeup. I always try to use the absolute minimum of product I can get away with. Any surplus will settle into fine lines, make them more visible and make you look older!

That’s the reason why I never use the application wands but always a brush to apply concealer. My favorite concealer brush has a crayon shape, round and pointy. I find this is the best shape to work the inner corner and undereye area. You also want precision to get quite close to the rim of the lid.

Having picked up a tiny amount of product, I usually start application in the inner corner, dabbing the concealer in small strokes over the zone where the skin is a bit blueish. I rather start with less product and add a bit in a second step than piling on too much.

Where exactly should you apply your anti-aging concealer?

Most people use far too much concealer and on a too big surface. I never use concealer on the skin under the outer half of the eye because there are too many small lines there into which the product will undoubtedly settle.

I find a good way to find out where your concealer should go is to smile at yourself in the mirror. You should apply your concealer only onto the parts which remain immobile. Onto all parts of your face which move when you smile you shouldn’t apply concealer.

I spread the product carefully and blend the edges (but without losing the coverage!) with many very small strokes. I make sure to blend in all different directions. Many people make the mistake of only blending outwards. But you also need to go inwards, up and down, to get a seamless result.
This technique should enable you to get a very even and fresh look.

What to do about puffiness and eyebags?

Another common undereye problem among my mature clients is puffiness and sagginess. Eyebags are a condition caused by loss of elasticity. As it’s not a question of the colour of the skin but its surface, concealers will only help to a certain degree.

My trick is to apply very fine colorless powder, like the Nars Light-Reflecting Setting Powder, using a slanted powder brush to get into the inner corner. You’ll immediately see a smoothening effect. Just make sure to use the finest powder and in small amounts, in order to not make the undereye area look dry.

More anti-aging makeup tricks…

If you want to know more anti-aging makeup tricks and professional makeup artist hacks, have a look at my dedicated posts:

For any personnalized questions, please get in touch! I’m always happy to hear from you! 😊

By Louise Wittlich

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